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NFT Eggs

Born in various Tribes and Classes, live for one dream: take over the MangaMon Metaverse
Egg characters in Mangamon are divided into 10 groups of Jobs with their own characteristics and stories:
  • Archer
  • Batman
  • Cowboy
  • Fighter
  • King
  • Knight
  • Pirate
  • Samurai
  • Vikings
  • Wizard
In each Job, there are 6 Levels (from 1 to 6) and 6 Tribes corresponding to 6 different colors:
  • Calcifer Tribe - The Fire Tribe (Red costume)
  • Nitonami Tribe - The Water Tribe (Blue costume)
  • Akihiro Tribe - The Jungle Tribe (Green costume)
  • Ryuu Tribe - The Royal Tribe (Yellow costume)
  • Markl Tribe - The Tribe of Witch (Purple costume)
  • Nito Tribe - The Earth Tribe (Brown costume)
All Eggs can be upgraded to the maximum of level 6 regardless of their Jobs. However, players can only upgrade the 2 eggs with same color.
Depending on the players, these characters will continuously evolve to show their strength in each adventure like Monster Fight (PVE), Tribal Wars (PVP), Land Ownership (Land Wars), and Massive Crusade (Fighting Bosses) throughout the MangaMon metaverse.