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Our Best Offer for Fans
Our Best Offer for fans will be an Obo NFT Egg with a maximum of 3 levels.
  • Obo level 1 is free. Users can earn $15 in 30 days, which is $0.5 per day.
  • In order to get Obo level 2, users can combine 2 Obo level 1 + 1 Potion + 10 MON; and for Obo level 3, merge 2 Obo level 2 + 2 Potion + 20 MON.
  • There are are hidden rate for your OBO NFT level 1 to be promoted to level 3 immediately after commencing the Evolution.
  • A successful upgrade will reset the NFT's 300 turns limit.
When you have used up all 300 battle turns for an Obo NFT, you can still use any 2 expired NFTs to upgrade to the new one and keep earning. These Obo can only join the Fan Mode (Free for Fans PVE) later on but not the other battles.
For more details, please refer to the next section.