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The different between winners and late comers
  • The Potions: Currently, Potions are required resources used in one of the most important game mechanic: OBO NFT Evolution. Users need the appropriate amount of Potion, MON and 2 OBO of the same level to combine them and level up.
  • The Box level 1 Pieces: The minimum price of Box level 1 will be $50. These pieces when combined will create a Box level 1. Opening a Box level 1 will grant you 1 NFT level 1, and if you are extremely lucky, you might receive a NFT level 2 or even 3. Additionally, one more random reward will be granted to Box openers: MAN, MON, Potions pieces, Land pieces.
  • The Land Pieces: Combining enough Land pieces will create a complete Land. Currently, there are 48 Land in MangaMon. Users who own Land can claim a passive income source from the Battle Fee of users who sign up to fight the Big Boss spawned on the Land. Moreover, Land owners will also share a 1% income from the Marketplace transaction fee.
  • The Diamond Pieces: Diamond and Potion are required resources used in an upcoming feature: Breed. 2 NFT Genesis (Which can only be obtained via Box) can breed and create a new NFT, and to kickstart the process, users need Diamond and Potion. Moreover, Diamond can be used in a secret planned feature involving NFT's stats.