NFT Boxes

The start of your journey in the MangaMon Metaverse
The users buy boxes with MAN; and their prices will depend on the MAN rate. However, the initial price will be:
  • Box lv1: ~$50 (NFT LV1)
  • Box lv2: ~$100 (NFT LV2)
  • Box lv3: ~$200 (NFT LV3)
  • Box lv4: ~$400 (NFT LV4)
Satisfy these requirements to buy boxes:
  • Boxes are enabled;
  • The quantity is still in stock;
  • The number of boxes purchased by the user is not exceeded the limit.
After purchasing the boxes, players will receive NFTs as the box level but random Job and Tribe. Besides, users can get 1 of these followings:
  • MAN token
  • MON token
  • Potion
  • A piece of Land
  • An Egglet as the box level