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The NFT Marketplace

Trade, Auction, Rent. All in one place
After receiving eggs, tokens and in-game items, Mangamon marketplace will be launched with 3 interesting new activities at the "trade fair".
  • Buy and sell characters and items;
  • Additionally, players can participate in Auctions as the following rule:
    • When the seller publishes his or her property (character, item, etc.) on the Mangamon marketplace and call the initial price, they will have to pay an exchange fee of 10 MAN.
    • When the item is sold, the buyer will pay 10% of the item' s value for the exchange.
  • And finally, leasing - Those who own assets in the Mangamon ecosystem can lease their characters or items to other players to join the next exciting rounds.
Item auctions and rentals will boost the players' demand and ignite curiosity about the items' value in the Mangamon metaverse world.