Start earning monthly income with just 3.1 FTM

Mangamon is a popular NFT blockchain game from Japan, inspired by the most famous games in the past 20 years like Angry Bird and Gunbound.
Mangamon is based on the Fantom ecosystem - one of the most popular platforms with the highest TVL recently.
Before launching the game, MangaMon will run a massive Airdrop campaign called SPIN DROP for the community.
Please prepare at least 3.1 FTM (0.1 FTM for blockchain network fee).
Follow the following steps to get potential rewards.
  • Step 2: Finish all requirements like joining telegram groups, like Tweet,...
  • Step 3: After finishing, press the “SPIN“ button and wait…
  • Step 4: After the spin ends, you will receive these rewards:
    • 1 MAN and 1 Obo NFT to participate in the free PVE mode for fans
      (Obo NFT participating in PVE for 1 month earns up to $15, which is about $0.5 per day - 5x the amount of FTM you use to join Spin Drop. When the Obo NFT expired, you can use 2 Obo NFTs to combine into another new one and keep earning $15 for another 1 month. Obo NFT can be upgraded to the maximum of level 3).
    • And 1 of the following rewards (drop rate will be announced soon):
      • 10 MON tokens
      • 5 MAN tokens (x5 the amount of tokens)
      • 1 Potion
      • 50 fUSDT
      • 100 FTM
  • Besides, you will receive up to 25% commission by just sharing your referral link to your friends.
Note that when spinning, the platform will automatically deduct 3 FTM.