Project Roadmap
The road to mass adoption
March 25nd Spin Drop the 1st phase (using 3 FTM as instructed above). Referral Ranking Rewards - distribute 10,000 fUSDT for the Top 20.
April 8th End the 1st Spin Drop program Start releasing IPO (Initial Partnership Offering) for Partners.
April 11th Start the Spin Drop Plus and 10,000 fUSDT Referral Ranking Reward Program for the Top 20. Release Mini Battle on landing page for users' experience.
May 5th PVE Hone your skills. New Lobby UI.
May 18th Earning Missions (Ranking).
May 18th Update the top 10 Ranking at 7:30pm. Remind the time to end Spin Drop Plus and IDO whitelist (The whitelist winners and Top Ref rewards will be announced after 06pm on May 17th)
May 19th 06pm - Announce ending the Spin Drop Plus event & IDO whitelist.
May 22th Announce Top Referrals & IDO Whitelist Winners.
May 23 Start IDO procedures. There will be 2 IDO rounds: the first round is for Whitelist winners & the second round is for all Whitelist users with first-come-first-served rule. The second IDO is for over 20,000 successful Whitelist participants but did not win the Whitelist is to ensure that all Fans can buy MAN at a good price and the IDO is successful, with only 1008 slots as planned in our market development strategy.
May 24rd Listing on SushiSwap.
May 25th Start selling boxes & release more battle modes.
May 2022 NFT Rental (on marketplace). Release Free For Fan PVE.
June 2022 Release Monster Fight (Single player PVE).
July 2022 Release Tribal wars (PVP).
August 2022 Release Massive crusades (Multiplayer PVE)
Future Vision MangaMon is ambitious to publish at least 2 games per year including the following game styles:
1. Turn-based Multiplayer artillery (GunBound) 2. Placing bomb, party action game (Bomberman) 3. RPG Fighting (Shadow Fight) 4. Farming style game (Harvest Moon - 牧場物語) 5. 3D MMORPG (MU Online)
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