The first Spin Drop

Spin and receive various items & tokens
The total tokens for Airdrop will be 1,050,000 MAN, within which 105,000 MAN will be spent for the first Spin Drop campaign. Thus, the maximum total number of people participating in the first Spin Drop campaign is 105,000 people.
We are aiming at the 3-year vision of 5 different games. For more information, refer to our Roadmap at the bottom. With each of the games launching, we will run 2 Airdrop programs. Totally there will be 10 Airdrops during our project.
Specifically, as soon as the game launches, Mangamon will first open the Airdrop as the Spin Drop model - Wheel of fortune within 14 days. Each account can only spin once and the Spin Drop will end as soon as 105,000 accounts participate (equivalent to 105,000 spins), or the Airdrop time runs out, whichever comes first.
When spinning, the platform will automatically deduct 3 FTM, and the rewards will appear randomly in 2 boxes:
  • 1 MAN and 1 Obo NFT to participate in the free PVE mode for fans (Obo NFT participating in PVE for 1 month earns up to $15, which is about $0.5 per day. When the Obo NFT expired, you can use 2 expired Obo NFTs to combine into a new higher Obo NFT to keep earning $15. Obo NFT can be upgraded to the maximum of level 3).
  • And 1 of the following rewards (drop rate will be announced soon):
    • 10 MON tokens
    • 5 MAN tokens (x5 the amount of tokens)
    • 1 Potion
    • 50 fUSDT
    • 100 FTM
Note that when the bonus fund is used up, you can only get 1 MAN and 1 Obo NFT.
After each player's account ends the spin, the player will receive 1 referral link with the following commission rate:
  • L1 = 15%
  • L2 = 5%
  • L3 = 5%
Top Referral for Spin Drop campaign: After the users claim free Obo, there will be a referral link to join the top referral racing program with the prize pool of 10,000 fUSDT divided as following:
  • Top 1-3: $7000, top 1 $4000, top 2 $2000, top 3 $1000
  • Top 4-10: $2000, equally divided each person ~$285
  • Top 11-20: $1000, split equally ~$100