Product Change Logs
As a GameFi ecosystem dedicated to Fans, we publicly announce all change logs to keep Fans updated with our product progress!
Version 1.1 - Releasing NFT Marketplace, "Hone your skills" mode with Ranking & Skills for Obo NFTs (20/05/2022)
  • Open PVE for Obo NFT with Map 1: Piranha, having 3 modes: Easy, Medium, Hard.
  • Allowing Obo NFT to fight & earn Gold.
  • NFT Marketplace letting users to list their Obo NFTs for sale, in fUSDT.
  • Releasing battle skills for Obo NFT: 100% damage, x2 shooting, x3 shooting,...
  • Upgrading Dashboard, Gameplay & Battle UI.
  • Web-based, multi-device compatible gameplay.
  • Battle Ranking based on total Gold earned of each wallet address.
Version 1.2 - Releasing 12 new features into MangaMon (21/06/2022)
  • More stable gameplay & all bugs fixed.
  • Faster game server.
  • Site-wide UI - UX update.
  • Affiliate program with referral rewards for Box sale up to 15%.
  • Giving free NFTs for brand new users (limited event).
  • Update new PVE Maps.
  • Release Evolution for Obo NFTs.
  • Release free items for SpinDrop wallets (that are enough for 1 free upgrade for Obo NFT).
  • Release Gold Shop: exchanging Golds for Item pieces.
  • Release Piece Fusion: combining Item pieces into a whole Item.
  • Update NFT Marketplace: a section for listing, selling Items & Item pieces.
  • Release in-game Item & Item pieces transfer for P2P transactions.
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