Product Change Logs

As a GameFi ecosystem dedicated to Fans, we publicly announce all change logs to keep Fans updated with our product progress!
Version 1.1 - Releasing NFT Marketplace, "Hone your skills" mode with Ranking & Skills for Obo NFTs (20/05/2022)
  • Open PVE for Obo NFT with Map 1: Piranha, having 3 modes: Easy, Medium, Hard.
  • Allowing Obo NFT to fight & earn Gold.
  • NFT Marketplace letting users to list their Obo NFTs for sale, in fUSDT.
  • Releasing battle skills for Obo NFT: 100% damage, x2 shooting, x3 shooting,...
  • Upgrading Dashboard, Gameplay & Battle UI.
  • Web-based, multi-device compatible gameplay.
  • Battle Ranking based on total Gold earned of each wallet address.
Version 1.2 - Releasing 12 new features into MangaMon (21/06/2022)
  • More stable gameplay & all bugs fixed.
  • Faster game server.
  • Site-wide UI - UX update.
  • Affiliate program with referral rewards for Box sale up to 15%.
  • Giving free NFTs for brand new users (limited event).
  • Update new PVE Maps.
  • Release Evolution for Obo NFTs.
  • Release free items for SpinDrop wallets (that are enough for 1 free upgrade for Obo NFT).
  • Release Gold Shop: exchanging Golds for Item pieces.
  • Release Piece Fusion: combining Item pieces into a whole Item.
  • Update NFT Marketplace: a section for listing, selling Items & Item pieces.
  • Release in-game Item & Item pieces transfer for P2P transactions.
Detailed patch note
  1. 1.
    We have improved the gameplay drastically, reducing choppy frames and improving connection to server to ensure a much more streamlined gameplay. Many bugs have also been patched, some prominent ones would be unsuccessful information requests, unsuccessful NFT data information display, unable to distribute gold reward after battle, unexpected slow motion, unexpected critical hit that can one-shot bosses.
  2. 2.
    We have also improved our backend codes, removing unnecessary codes and un-spaghetti a large amount of codes and upgraded our servers. This would allow MangaMon to run and load faster for every user.
  3. 3.
    We have updated a site-wide UI - UX to look more prominent and easier for users to navigate.
  4. 4.
    The upcoming Box Sale will be integrated with an affiliate program with referral rewards up to 15%. As MangaMon has always adhere to the “Share2Earn” - We will always encourage users to widen their network, invite friends and acquaintances to join MangaMon and receive great rewards.
  5. 5.
    “Free For Fans”. That is part of MangaMon’s motto and the MangaMon team always has our fans’ interest in mind. For the 1.2 version update, we are giving away 1000 Free OBO NFTs for new users who registered a new MangaMon account. This also encourages existing and veteran users to invite their friends to get a headstart of 1 OBO NFT. This NFT will be tagged with a “Free” banner to distinguish it from a normal OBO. The special thing about this free NFT is that it can be utilized to Earn just like a normal OBO by joining the Hone Your Skill game mode and claiming Gold reward. The only major difference is that these free OBO cannot be listed on the marketplace to sell, they cannot be traded and transferred between wallets to avoid one user hogging up and claiming multiple NFT to sell or to benefit in many ways.
  6. 6.
    We have also updated the PVE maps, fully releasing the first two maps which are the territory of Piranha and Alphonis. We have also implemented groundwork and netcode to integrate the third map into MangaMon - the territory of the third boss Villian Egg.
  7. 7.
    Finally, after many test runs and integrations, we have released the Evolution features for OBO NFTs. OBO can be upgraded to a higher level using Potion and other same level NFT as fuel. Keep in mind that there are success and failure rates that have been listed on our Wiki and it also displays in the Evolution window, so be aware that you might lose your resources without upgrading your OBO.
  8. 8.
    We are, once again, rewarding our initial fans who participated in our SpinDrop and SpinDrop Plus events. Every eligible wallet that has joined either event will be rewarded with some items : 1 Potion and 10 MON. These are the exact amount of resources required to initiate 1 evolution to upgrade 1 OBO NFT.
  9. 9.
    The Gold Store is now live. Hone Your Skill players can now trade in their hard earned gold for item pieces or MAN and MON. These item pieces can be combined into a complete item such as Potion, Land, Diamond and Box Level 1.
  10. 10.
    Released the Item Piece fusion feature to accommodate the Gold redeeming function of the Gold Store and the Hone Your Skill game mode.
  11. 11.
    The NFT Marketplace has been improved. UI update was pushed out and users can now access a section for listing, selling items and pieces. Other QOL updates to the marketplace will soon be implemented.
  12. 12.
    Finally, Item and Item Pieces can now be transferred between wallets to accommodate a highly requested feature: P2P transactions. Users can now buy, sell and trade the items and pieces on their own using the transfer feature.