The foundation of a balanced and rewarding game economy
Notice about the MAN allocated for the Spin Drops:
  • Total MAN allocated for the 10 AirDrop campaigns (2 campaigns before releasing each game): 1,050,000 MAN
  • Total MAN allocated for the initial Spin Drop campaign: 105,000 MAN
  • Total MAN allocated for the Spin Drop Plus campaign: 105,000 MAN
  • Unclaimed MAN in the Airdrop campaigns will be burnt or sent to the Ranking Reward pool
The amount of FTM needed for each spin: 3 FTM
MAN received after each spin: 1 MAN
Transaction Tax:
Transaction Tax when trading in the Liquidity pool: 5% for every Buy and Sell transactions in the SushiSwap Liquidity pool. 2% will be used to distribute to all Holders, 2% will be sent to the Owner of MAN's smart contract (developers) - and we will use this fund to organize weekly airdrop for the community, and the last 1% will be burnt.
Transaction Tax will only apply when you Buy and Sell MAN on SushiSwap. All other on-chain transactions will have no tax.
Tokenomics for MON will only be revealed when listed on DEX