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Vision & Mission

Create a GameFi Metaverse for Fans to play and earn from the games they love.

Why MangaMon?

MangaMon opens up a new horizon for Metaverse with a diverse and sustainable ecosystem of various games using the same NFT assets.
In MangaMon, NFT Eggs are personified to take adventure through a wide variety of games, upgrading themselves to higher levels to adapt and thrive in the Manga World.
What makes MangaMon exceptional is that the Eggs can evolve into any other species (such as human) without losing their original powers and characteristics. Therefore, players can enjoy the growth of their in-game characters without having to give up their old ones to move to a new game.

Our Vision

MangaMon Metaverse will ultimately attract and gather all Fans of the hottest games in the past 20 years to experience the marvelous adventures ever and receive amazing rewards in every milestone of the journey.

Our Mission

We are the fans of the simple but engaging 2D games in the past decades such as: GunBound, Angry Birds, Bomberman, Shadow Fight, MU Online,... By building the MangaMon Metaverse, we want to recreate and bring them to the next level, add a tempting reward system and boost the gameplay more engaging so that we can contribute our best to the crypto mass adoption.
The first game in our MangaMon Metaverse - Combining the best features from GunBound & Angry Bird