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Featured Items in Hone Your Skill

Box Level 1 Usages

The minimum price of Box Level 1 is $50. Opening the Box will grant users 1 Level 1 NFT. However, there are a small chance that lucky Box openers can receive a Level 2 or even Level 3 NFT.Additionally, the Box will also reward players with a random following item: MAN, MON, Potions, Land Fragments, Egglet Fragments, Egglet NFT.

Potion Usages

Currently, Potion is a required ingredient in the merging of 2 NFTs to create a higher level NFT.Moreover, Potion is planned to be used to reset NFT's quality when MangaMon releases the Skills system and breeding features. Potion is a necessary item to rank up and Earn more.

Land Usages

MangaMon first game is GunBound on Blockchain will have 16 Maps, each map has 3 difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard) corresponding to a total of 48 Land/Land owners will receive passive income from taxing every user arriving on the Land to battle the Big Boss spawning on said Land & share 1% of the profit from Marketplace transactions. Keep in mind the transaction volume can go up to millions and millions of USD

Diamond Usages

Diamond and Potion are required ingredients in bredding 2 NFT Genesis (can only received by opening Boxes)NFT Genesis owners should have a great Diamond demand to breed and make profits in the near future.